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The Chicken Story

Ok who's ready for a story time?

One day I found an amazing deal for started pullets that was just too good to pass up.

Only I wasn't quite prepared for what I was actually getting myself into....

This amazing deal is like an hour away, we haven't yet built our chicken coop, and we have zero infrastructure in place for these chickens. But when you see a good deal you jump right?

We devised a simple plan. We'd quick drive 30 mins to town buy the supplies, come home and quickly build the coop, go get our chickens and live happily every after.

Needless to say it wasn't so simple. Getting cattle panels into a van filled with children is harder then you'd think.

So we strapped it to the roof. Don't be us. Don't strap cattle panels to your roof. Trust me.

Thankfully we got home all in one piece and started to work of the coop. But it was taking way longer to build the coop than expected so we switched gears.

We'd just put the "chicks" in our shed temporarily while we finish working on the coop. I mean how big could 6 month old chickens actually be?? 🤦🏾‍♀️

So we gather a couple of bins and head out for the hour drive to get our birds. By time we get there it's dark and starting to rain.

We hop out of the van and the guy is nice. He's talking to us about conspiracies and food shortages. Then he shows us the chickens.

Maybe you already knew. But 6 month of chickens aren't small. They weren't at the cute in between stage I had in my mind and they certainly weren't going to fit in my bins. At least not more than 2 of them.

So the guy is looking at our bins and looking at us. He's like I don't know what y'all are gonna do but you need to take all 20 of these birds.

Next thing I know he's grabbing whatever he can find in his barn and stuffing the chickens in.

A couple old broken animal crates, a bin with a feed bag tied down over the top, and a couple of bins with crates on top.

We some how managed to get all 20 full sized chickens into our 12 passenger van with our 7 children.

But then the real challenge was before us. We had to still build the coop!!!

With how big these birds were, putting them in our shed was no longer an option. Not if we didn't want all our stuff covered in poop!

So here we are, me big pregnant, in the rain building a chicken coop. With chickens squawking and fighting in our van.

We got the coop to good enough to put the chickens in. Then the next day worked on building the door.

We were up mighty late but we got it done and our hens have been very happy with us ever since.

I mean really isn't everything better when you have a funny story to go with it??