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God Has A Sense Of Humor

At some point I need to catch y'all up on our new place and our plans. But for now I'll just tell you a story about how God has a really good sense of humor....

So, I love barns. I've been obsessed with them for I don't even know how long.

I even remember driving around looking for barns as an anniversary date one year! If you scroll back far enough you can probably find a picture from that day lol

When we started house hunting I dreamed and prayed that whatever property we found would have a barn. I wasn't specific but deep down I dreamed of a huge two story red barn.

When I saw the listing for this house I was excited because it looked like there was actually a barn!! It was hard to tell the size from the pictures. But I was hopeful.

It would be the first property that we got to see with one! All the others were snatched up before we ever even got a chance to see them in person.

But, to my surprise, when we got to the house there was not a barn. It was a shed... A barn looking shed...

While obviously it's not what I was hoping for. I'm glad we at least have this. Some properties we looked at didn't have any extra storage.

So while it's not a barn, I'm grateful for this barn looking shed. It's already been extremely useful.

Oh give thanks to the Lord ; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! -Psalm 105:1