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The Chicken Story
Ok who's ready for a story time?One day I found an amazing deal for started pullets that was just too good to pass up.Only I wasn't quite prepared for what I was actually getting myself into....This amazing deal is like an hour away, we haven't yet b...
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For His Glory
There's a story behind our name.For His Glory HomesteadI've had this longing in my heart for close to two decades.This desire to have a place of my own to raise my babies and grow food.To see the glory of the Lord in the transformation of a tiny seed...
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shed barn
God Has A Sense Of Humor
At some point I need to catch y'all up on our new place and our plans. But for now I'll just tell you a story about how God has a really good sense of humor....So, I love barns. I've been obsessed with them for I don't even know how long.I even remem...
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chickens getting water
Living The Dream
You ever wake up one day and realize you're living your dreams??That's how I've been feeling lately.I've dreamed of having a farm for a long time. I've even got a 2014 wanna be homesteader blogger blog to prove it 🤣But it seemed so far away and impos...
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